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DUROCK is one leading manufacturer specialized in rugged devices, product range includes Rugged Phones, Rugged handhelds, Rugged Android Tablets, Rugged Windows Tablets, Rugged Notebooks, which withstand the toughest conditions ĘC water, sand, ice, and sunlight.
With years developing and accumulation, we have rich experiences in cooperating with kinds of customers all over the world, provide plenty of proper solutions to the customers engaged in Logistics, Construction, Warehouse and Delivery, Waste mangement System, Livestock Husbandry, Orchard Picking System,
Restaurant Ordering System, Emergency and Field Service ,etc.
DUROCK provides not only a rugged phone or tablet, but also R&D services and embedded solutions at all levels of complexity to different customers.
We always would like to establish the relationships with our customers as a partner, much more than a supplier!
We produce, we care, we serve!
About Durock
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